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The Code of Hammurabi
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# 152
If after the woman had entered the man's house, both contracted a debt, both must pay the merchant.
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The Art of War
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Chapter IX, THE ARMY ON THE MARCH.    entry: 20
If his place of encampment is easy of access, he is tendering a bait.
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A chain is only as strong as its weakest link.
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Site News:
Almost 10 years later. Now living on a kick ass cluster of KVM virtual machines.

For our 3 year anniversary at we put together a proper server, with zounds.. memory.

We had to take the 'About the Bad Guys' section down because it wasn't entirely fair. Re-coded the page in Perl with CGI, DBI, ModPerl and MySQL.

The spambots found us. We kicked their asses.

I've moved the server to a faster machine with more memory. Installed Gentoo, updated some html around the place. Everything is so nice.

The <table> header which we all (I) loved so much has now been replaced with css. Added more RAM, and a HDD to the server. Made a -major- mistake but recovered so all is well. Culled some useless news. I just had to make an entry on this date.

Major upgrades including: moving the server to it's own machine, moved the domain name to, etc.

Added CSS across the board.

This site goes online, on our own webserver, with an domain name.

-to do list
Bring back an improved bad guys section, Transfer the server to the fast machine, Create more code for the anti-spam bOt, Code the anti-spam bot, Put up more stats about you, Make nice buttons for our links, Fix the unique counter, Send you cookies ( again ), Leave myself reminders, Statistics of data sent, Acquire data for a confucious db, Acquire more data for a proverbs db, Links for posting comments ( again ), Login function. Uptime function
Set up you the bomb.
In case you haven't figured it out, Dziewa is my last name. It is Polish and I've heard it means tree, or wood in that language. There is also a town in Poland named Dziewa. Pronounced J ë V ä just like "Hera" the greek goddess. You can also sound it out in English and us Dziewa's will understand the idea you're trying to communicate.
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GNULinuxSlackwareApache. † MySQL. † The Gimp. † O'Reilly BooksPerl † a few pencils.

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